BAJA !!!: Is it in Your Bucket List?

Baja!!! Is it On Your Bucket List?

Baja, The Bucket List

We have all read the stories or seen the countless photos and videos of racing in Baja and wondered… What is it really like. If you have never experienced Baja and you ride off road, this is one for the bucket list. Baja is a magical place full of adventure and no magazine article, photo spread or video can really put it into perspective. If you have done a Baja trip perhaps you can pass along some of suggestions how one would likely begin to plan a trip. Here are a few of my personal recommendations.
  • There are many different qualified tour groups that offer a great Baja experience definitely a good place to start.
  • Another great option is to find someone that you can trust with Baja experience that will walk you through each step of what he knows about Baja.
Experience in Baja is worth it’s weight in gold and when you find this person, pick his/her brain in every detail. Take notes on their advice because it could be the difference between a fun and safe trip to a total disaster.

Planning for Baja

The Baja desert is a beautiful place to ride that can and will present many hazards that you should be prepared for. Countless hours of planning and preparation must go into a Baja trip/adventure and every ride will almost be different than you planned it to be and that’s where the adventure comes into play. Always be prepared to deal with these hazards
  • Water-Be sure to have plenty of water
  • Fuel- Baja is a desolate place make sure you have enough fuel for your trip
  • Medical Issues- Riding motorcycles is dangerous, always have a plan for medical issues
  • Broken Motorcycles- A well prepared motorcycle and fanny pack with tools can prevent you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere
  • Snakes & Critters – This is the wilderness and there are plenty of critters who call it home, stay safe and avoid contact
  • Food – Don’t forget to pack enough food to keep you alive in case you get stranded.
Having said all the above you can have the experience of your off road life doing Baja. After your first trip you will react in one way or another. It will be either; well I did that what is next, or you will start planning your next trip on the way home. Here are a few photos of what you can experience along the way.