OX-Brake is a start-up company as a result of a new rider enhancement.  After many years, (58 years) of off road riding and benefiting from other product development, I guess it was my time to contribute to the off road Rider, with a product to benefit the Rider.

After 1 ½ years of development and testing on several different motorcycles and Riders, the “OX-Brake” Auxiliary Brake was born. A new, simple concept for Left Hand Rear Braking.

We are a small company located in Colorado where there is some great single track riding in the Rocky Mountains. The trails consist of many different types of technical challenges, rocks, water, narrow trails, trails on ridges, steep vertical ascents, descents, switchbacks, and not to overlook, trees. Utah not being far from my home in Lakewood, CO also provides some excellent riding and different challenges. Those of us who have had the opportunity to ride in the MOAB, Utah area, also understand the need for good speed control, as well as what you do if you don’t make the hill, the engine shut is off and you have an Auto clutch. How do you control descent when you are sliding backward down the hill you did not make, the answer, “OX-Brake”.

Every Product We produce contains, to our knowledge, the best available components , and cost is not a determining factor. The best components and workmanship are almost never the least expensive. We understand when it is time to ride, you do not want to be fixing something because it was produced with substandard parts, or not properly tested. When you are riding you want to rely on the product to be functional and dependable, you did not sign up to be a test rider for a product.  We are committed to do these things for you.


Other products coming in the future will be fully Rider tested before they are available to you.

Chuck Schueller