Answers to frequently asked questions…

What is the difference between the Ox Hydra “Pro” & “Trail” brake systems?

  • The Pro is easier to install due to having significantly more pushrod travel. Pushrod placement is a much more critical setup item on the “Trail.”
  • The Pro allows for Adjustable Modularity.  There are  27 clicks of adjustment at the hand lever on Pro model to allow for adjusted modularity + more pushrod travel (you can adjust the amount of fluid pushing the pushrod by simply twisting the adjuster behind the hand lever…. not tools required).
  • The latest Pro “2.0” requires less force to lock the rear wheel.
  • The pro has a more robust hand lever / master-cylinder
  • The Original Pro is upgradable. If you have the version “1” of the Pro, it can be upgraded to be a Pro “2.0” by purchasing and installing a K15 Hydra cylinder.  This allows for much easier rear wheel lockup.  
How much braking power is available?

Properly installed and adjusted, you should have the same amount of power as your stock foot lever.
NOTE: A brake system that is not maintained to manufacture specifications will prevent the OX-BRAKE from performing as designed.

Do I have to remove my clutch lever or foot brake lever?

No, you can keep both control levers.

How much space on my handlebar does the Left Hand Brake Lever require?

You need to have ¾” at the Left Grip Flange. Some dual sport electrical switch-stacks  can be replaced with a narrower switch to allow for more room on the bars. KTM and Husqvarna street legal models (Late KTM, EXC and Husky “S” models, or 690 / 701 models).

Do the Cables stretch and fail, do I need to carry a spare?

The Cable/Cable assembly has proven to be very durable and not subject to failure. The only cable replacements have been the result of melting when coming in contact with the exhaust.

Is the OX-BRAKE dependable and does it require any maintenance?

When properly set up and installed correctly, the OX-BRAKE requires little or no maintenance. Always check the function prior to each ride and provide the same routine inspection as you would all other systems on your motorcycle.

Is OX-BRAKE hard to install?

No, it can be installed with a minimum amount of tools available in your tool box.

Do I have to Bleed my brake system when installing the OX-BRAKE?

No, Bleeding of the brake system is not required for the installation of the OX-BRAKE..However if your brake system is in need of bleeding it could prevent the OX-BRAKE system from performing as designed.