Tire Freak – Mitas Trials Tire

Hey I am a “TIRE FREAK” and always looking at new tires, 5 years ago I purchased my first Trials Tire. After I brought it home and wore out my knobby I installed the Trials Tire before I signed up to one of Shane Watts “Dirt Wise Riding Schools”. Well never having any experience with the Trials Tire and not wanting to look like a rookie I removed the Trials Tire and installed a new Knobby.  After wearing out this Knobby I installed my Trials Tire again.

All of my preferred riding areas include mostly single track with rocks, roots, downed trees, and some water and your tire must provide good traction in all of these conditions. What I found was the Trials Tire worked better in all situations than the many different knobby tires I had used in the past. Oh yeah, when you have better traction you also get better braking as well.

While at a Super Enduro, (local endurocross) last weekend and always looking at new things I came across a new Trials Tire, MITAS. It looked good I bought it and mounted it the next day. I was able to get a 58 mile ride on it the next week and It’s impressive. The only question is how long will it last? This ride did not show a lot of wear, but I’ll keep you posted and let you know.

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